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Palmyra Waterproofing came to my rescue! My basement flooded in July 2018 due to the heavy rains. I originally contracted with a different company to install 2 sump pumps and a perimeter waterproofing system in my basement, but after the other company abandoned the job and left a mess and an incomplete waterproofing system for me to deal with, I needed to find a solution. Palmyra Waterproofing was the answer to my prayers. John arrived promptly to assess the situation and give me a quote to fix the initial areas of concern: replacing the severely cracked cement cap on part of the perimeter system, and installing the main sump pump and battery back-up pump. Their reputation in the business is solid and their quote was reasonable, so I accepted immediately.

Working with Palmyra Waterproofing has been a superb experience. Don and his team communicated with me regularly so that I knew when my job would be scheduled, they arrived on time, they were respectful of my home, and they cleaned up after themselves, all hallmarks of professional service. You can really see the difference in the portions of the waterproofing system completed by Don and his team, compared to the sub-par workmanship of the other contractor. The portion of the cement cap that Palmyra Waterproofing replaced is expertly smooth and level compared to the severely cracked, lumpy cap left by the previous contractor. Don and his team also did wonderful job installing the sump pump and the battery back up pump in my basement.

I was so pleased with my experience with Palmyra Waterproofing that I also contracted with them to do other fixes to my waterproofing system, to include tying-in my storm drain and dry well into the sump pump pit and perimeter system for purposes of flood mitigation. Again, their methods are unparalleled.

I am so thankful for Palmyra Waterproofing's expertise, and I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone needing waterproofing solutions - Megan B. - Annville, PA

Just wanted to take the time to tell you how extremely pleased we were with Palmyra Waterproofing! After calling the company, John McLaughlin came to our home the very next day for an inspection and estimate! With his clear presentation of what work he would recommend, the workmen showed up the very next day to begin the job.

These men placed drop cloths on our floors as to not bring in any extra dirt. They were very hard-working individuals who have pride in their work and it shows! We knew calling our local guys, that the job would be done right!!! Thanks for a job well done! We would highly recommend Palmyra Waterproofing for anyone who is looking for fair prices, high quality work and honesty! - Jerry and Kim - Palmyra PA

"We own two houses and have used two different basement waterproofing companies with two very different results. For one house, We used a company which advertises on TV. They send a Salesperson to your home who uses a very high stress sales pitch, which is only good for "24 hours". We felt the cost quoted was very high for our average size basement, but they badgered us into accepting their deal. They insisted we needed two sump pumps with two back-up batteries for each pump (4 batteries total). They created a lot of dust, and the end product was a lumpy concrete floor. We wanted them to return to even out the concrete so we could finish the floor, but they wouldn't return our calls for weeks. When they finally returned our calls, they had to come back and sand down the rough edges, but it still looks terrible. We were still getting water in our basement occasionally when it rained hard because they didn't do the crawl space under one section of the house - they insisted it didn't need to be done, even though water was dripping out of it. They also never showed up until late morning most days and would stay working some days until late at night and some days they left in early afternoon. They left concrete dust throughout the upstairs hallway and fingerprints on the hallway walls and door knobs. Even though we had a 10 year warranty with them, we got tired of dealing with them and gave up calling them about fixing the crawl space problem."

"Instead, we decided to hire Palmyra Waterproofing to fix the crawl space area. we knew it wouldn't be a problem, because we had recently hired them to waterproof the basement of our other house after the flooding we had in Hershey in 2011. They waterproofed our basement at less than half the cost of the other company for the same size house, and they did a better job. They alo did the work with practically no dust! They worked with the company we hired to install a radon system so that the radon system could work at it's best, and they showed up when they said they would. They were clean, polite, and prompt. And we have not had any problem at all with water or moisture in our basement since they completed their work! They left our basement floor nice and smooth and we were able to finish it afterward by using epoxy floor paint and it looks great! We recently showed both basements to a gentleman who was considering hiring the other company to waterproof his basement. After I showed him both of our basements, he hired Palmyra Waterproofing." - Karen M.